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Domain Architect

Clifford Chance LLP | Posted 5-04-2021

London (Construction)

Job Overview

  • The Domain Architect will work across the End User, collaboration and Access Management domains and help provide strategic technical direction that can optimise enterprise outcomes.
  • This particular role focuses on the End User Computing (EUC) portfolio within the Infrastructure and Core Systems area and, as such, the role holder will be conversant in a range of EUC technologies, including End User devices, Unified Communication technologies, collaboration and Identity Management.

Who you will work with

Reporting to the Head of End User Services, this role will work within the Infrastructure and Core Systems domain working closely with other domain architect's, Security, Legal Technology and Regional teams to build cohesive strategic technology solutions in support of business objectives in line with Architecture Community of Practice principals.

Who you will be responsible for

  • A Domain Architect is a responsible authority with the requisite knowledge to work across the End User , collaboration and Access Management domains to provide strategic technical direction that can optimise enterprise outcomes.
  • This particular role focuses on the End User Computing (EUC) portfolio within the Infrastructure and Core Systems area and, as such, the role holder will be conversant in a range of EUC technologies.
  • A Domain Architect collaborates on the production of the domain architectural runway built to support future, current and near-term business needs. In addition, they drive common usability and system behavioural constructs across the domains solutions.
  • At portfolio level, the Domain Architect provides guidance relating to business changes, changes in underlying technologies, emerging standards, competitive changes and other factors, which may drive the business in directions that are outside the purview of agile portfolios.
  • Aspects of this can include recommendations for development and delivery technology stacks, inter-program system collaboration, interoperability of solutions, APIs, tooling, etc.
  • Understand solution context and work with the teams, customers and suppliers to help ensure fitness for the firm environment.

Understand complexities of large-scale solution development and apply Lean & Agile practices to address them where appropriate.

What you will do

  • Maintain a high-level holistic vision of enterprise solutions and development initiatives
  • Participate and/or instigate planning, definition and high level design of solutions
  • Build and maintain domain level roadmaps by demonstrating how they deliver the firm's core business capabilities and align to longer term strategic roadmaps
  • Help define key technical initiatives that support budgets via Enabler Epics
  • Participate in the strategy for building and maintaining the domain architectural runway
  • Understand and communicate strategic themes and other key business drivers for architecture to solution architects and non-technical stakeholders
  • Drive architectural initiatives in the portfolio kanban and participate in Epics analysis where applicable
  • Influence common modelling, design and coding practices, working closely with our application development teams and technical leads
  • Collect, generate and analyse innovative ideas and technologies that are applicable to the enterprise in this domain
  • Facilitate the reuse of ideas, components and proven patterns.
  • Synchronise the following across solutions whenever applicable:
    • system, data security and quality.
    • Production infrastructure
    • Solution User experience governance
    • Scalability, performance and other NFRs
  • Own and maintain the relevant sections of Release Planning presentations
  • Participate in Release Planning activities
  • Attend demos whenever critical redesign or foundation work is in progress.
  • Keep in touch with the reality of the day-to-day work, listening to the feedback and issues raised by the domain teams to consider and reflect in the roadmaps.

Your career experience so far

  • Previous experience of working for a global professional service environment or corporate organisation such as finance/banking.
  • Apply as needed our Project Delivery framework practices and Scaled Agile practices (including waterfall projects delivery methods)
  • Practical experience of working in a Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe) environment is preferable
  • Practical experience of working with Lean & Agile delivery tools such as Agile Central (or other similar tools e.g. JIRA) is preferable
  • Experience of developing IT roadmaps for specific business or technology areas.
  • Experience of architecture tools and techniques.
  • Experience of working with multiple, diverse technologies and processing environments.

How we will support you

From your first day with us, you will have varied opportunities to continuously grow and development your skills and knowledge. From formal training, informal coaching and mentoring through to skills-based and technical training and on the job learning.

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